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Port Management and Logistic Services

This segment conducted by a subsidiary of the Company, PT Sarana Citranusa Kabil and its subsidiaries, who acquires Public Port Citranusa Kabil, located at located at Kabil Industrial Area, Batam, with operation license no. KP 261/2005 and since January 17, 2011 this Port has been defined as Port Operating Body (BUP) by the Ministry of Transportation with the license of BUP number: KP 15 year 2011, and having certificates:

  • Steatments of compilance with international Security  and Port Facility No. 02/0190-DV which was issued under the provisions of the International Ships and Port Facilities Security Code (ISPS Code) on August 11, 2005;and has been re-certified on August 7, 2010 with the validity period till August 6, 2015
  • Certification from International Maritime Organization No.IDBUR-0011
  • ISO 14001:2004 and BHS OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications of PT Sarana Citranusa kabil’s subsidiaries

This port has been announced as one of the free port areas for Batam, Bintan and Karimun by Minister of Transportation in the Decision No. KP.25 Year 2009 on January 16, 2009. Located strategically close to Malacca straits, Batam has become a strategic manufacturing center and logistics base. The distances to various important spots on Batam island are:

  • To Hang Nadim Airport – 6 Km
  • To Batu Ampar harbour – 28 Km
  • To Sekupang Ferry Terminal – 24 Km
  • To Batam Center Ferry Terminal – 12 Km
  • To Nagoya Shopping Center – 18 Km

The total area of this Port is around 78.4 ha which had been built Jetty, office buildings,  infrastructure and other sea-port facilities and supporting with:

  • a comprehensive one stop service center facility with the “Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Port Authorities (CIQP)” facilities located within the port to ensure fast and smooth document clearances
  • a well secured facilities at the strategic locations with security guards through 3 checkpoints, monitored by CCTV round the clock
  • a well lighting facility in the key areas to deter crimes
  • supporting with human resources and proper equipments

With the efficient operation of this port is able to support all operational requirements for offshore drilling as a logistics and operational base for the oil and gas companies, logistic companies and industries to stock and fabricate oil field equipment.

In carrying out the business activities in the sea-port services, Citranusa Kabil Offshore Port has 5 berths are as follows:

  1. Berth I (Marginal Jetty/Barge Berth) is the pier which is used to tether/berth which handle to 2,000 DWT of ships carrying out the cargo loading and unloading activities, such as metal plates, pipes and iron pellet. This Jetty is 130 meter long with a water depth of 5 meter
  2. Berth II (Ro Ro) is the pier to tether/berth Ro Ro ships in loading and unloading of cargo which generally in the form of containers, motor vehicles or tanks. This Jetty is installed with 30x 7.5 m2 of ramp door and 75 x 1.2 m2 of catwalk with water depth of 5 meters
  3. Berth III (Main Jetty) is the jetty for tether/ berth for large capacity ships with maximum 28,000 DWT in carrying out the loading and unloading activities. This Jetty is used for iron pipes and customized cargo with specific length and width. This Jetty has specification of 176 x 29 m2 of ramp door and causeway 480 x 11 m2 with a water depth of 10 meters
  4. Berth V & VI (Deep Water Berth) is the pier to be used for tether/berth on the both sides to cater for ships with very large ships with capacity up to 40,000 DWT in carrying outloading and unloading activities. This Jetty has specification of 198 meter long with a water depth of 12.5 meters.

The integrated logistic activities services are provided by the subsidiary company of PT Sarana Citranusa Kabil, PT Citra Pembina Pengangkutan Industries and its subsidiary companies and associated companies. The services are including loading and unloading, berthing call, wharfage, open & covered storage rental, office space rental, transportation and forwarding. The activity of the operation includes the followings:

  • Shipping Agent & Anchorage/Berthing

This service is to provide the tether/berth for respective ship at the jetty according to ship capacity. The rates of each individual ship are in accordance with the rates stated by Batam Authorities for each DWT. This service is provided by one of the associated company, PT Pelayaran Citranstirta Tatasarana

  • Loading – unloading

The loading and unloading services are done from the ship to the pier and vice-versa. Tariff of services depends on the nature of work and according to market prices. This service is provided by subsidiary company of PT Citra Pembina Pengangkutan Industries, PT Citramadya Cargindo.

  • Trucking

This service includes the transportation of the cargos from jetty to the customers warehouse which usually using the trucks and the tariffof such services based on the handling tonnage transferred. This service is provided by PT Citra Pembina Pengangkutan Industries.

  • Wharfage

This service includes vessel clearance, cleaning and clearing of the pier soon after the loading and unloading activities so that the pier is ready to handle the next activity. This service is provided by one of the subsidiary company of PT Citra Pembina Pengangkutan Industries, PT Pelayaran Citranstirta Tatasarana.

  •  Open storage/yard

This service is to provide an open space to the customers who would require temporary storage place near the sea-port area which the rental of open space for not more than
one year. The total rented out area is around 16.30 Ha. This service is provided by PT Citra Pembina Pengangkutan Industries.

  • Warehouse

This service provides a roofed-warehouse to keep goods. Customers may need a roofed-warehouse to keep their small sized of goods or fragile items such as spare parts, machinery, electronics items etc. This service is provided by PT Citra Pembina Pengangkutan Industries.