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Testing and Inspection Facility

In order to ensure good quality of the final product, a fully calibrated in-house inspection and testing facilities are available as follows:

Destructive Test

  • Tensile Test: to test the strength of products
  • Spectrometer Test: to measure the content of metal composition according to the requirement of the final product
  • Hardness Test: to ensure the hardness of the product is within tolerance limits on the finished products
  • Charphy Test: to test the toughness of the pipes at room temperature and below freezing point
  • Metallography Test: to describe the metal structure with the micro or macro approach so that the final product is acceptable to the customer
  • Collapse test guarantee that pipe can stand to the maximum collapse pressure valie as defined by International Standard

Non Destructive Test

  • Special End Area Magnetic Particle Inspection of the pipes to test for any defect on the ends of pipes
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection: being used to ensure there is no defects in the coupling
  • Ultra Sonic testing
  • Electro Magnetic Inspection
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Dimensional Inspection