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Communication Policy with Shareholders or Investors

Communication Policy with Shareholders or Investors

Communication policy of the company governs the process in providing information to shareholders and investor to obtain  clearer information concerning the company’s condition, so that the shareholders can access the strategy, development, operational and the performance of the company, as well to enable the shareholders communicate actively with the company.

Communication between the Company and the shareholders improve the quality implementation of good governance of the company of which such communication shall consider to the following matters:

  • The Company focused to open communication, transparent and reasonable, the same treatment to the shareholders and protection on the interest and privacy of the shareholders, and uphold the high integrity, timeliness and the relevance of information given.
  • The Company ensures that the information delivered is correct, accurate and up to date to avoid misleading information for the shareholders.
  • The Company will provide the notification concerning the up to date information which explain through website of the company.

The extensive information regarding the company’s activity for the shareholders in the part of the investor in the website of the company www.citratubindo.com which contain among others : Financial Information, Annual Report, Composition of shareholders, Share information, General Meeting of Shareholders information (GMS).

Communication Media

Communication with the shareholders conducted through:


GMS constitutes forum which useful for the shareholders to communicate with the company of which the shareholders entitle to obtain the information regarding the  Company, both from Director and Board of Commissioners. The company shall oblige to deliver notification and GMS invitation accordance with the provision Financial Service Regulation and the procedure of GMS given to the shareholders at the time of the execution of GMS.

Public Expose

In providing the information to the public, the company also held the public expose at least once a year.

Financial Report
The Company seeks to disclose reasonable, balanced and understandable information so that shareholders can assess the Company’s financial performance and position.

Company’s Website

Company’s website contained information concerning the company and provide accessibility to the relevance information of the company to the shareholders. In website, the company disclose fact page of the company, annual report, Financial Report, composition of shareholders, shares information and GMS and each other company’s communication.


The company uses newspaper which national circulate in disclosing the important information.

Shareholders  Question

The shareholders may submit the questions through company website (www.citratubindo.com) and provide the access to the public and shareholders to communicate by email address at:corsec@citratubindo.co.id.