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Manpower, Health and Safety

Equal Gender and Job Opportunity

Steps that the Company takes are as follows:

Job Opportunity

  • Each vacant position is announced to all internal employees and if they are interested they may submit application for the said position,
  • Job vacancy is announced through printed media and some popular Database such as Job Street and Jobs DB,
  • Each qualified candidate will enter into Rene Portal automatically as to fill job vacancy with all the specifications of the position and may be read by other internal employees and anyone far away such as in Canada,
  • The process of data entering and preliminary selection will be automatic through Rene Portal gives equal opportunity to all applicants and start working when all the requirements are fulfillled.

Equal gender

  • The policy is made without any discrimination of gender which is discern the increment of female workers from year to year, and in 2014 there were 95 female employees compared to 88 in 2013.
  • The significant sign showed that there were 2 female apprentice were accepted in the training in the fields where the jobs were done by male employees before.


Various types of training to improve and competency of the employees in Health, Safety and Environment (K3L) of were carried out by the Company internally and externally such as:

Internal Training

Training of Over head Crane, forklift, Fire Extinguisher (APAR), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Handling of spilt chemicals, 5S, Scaffolding, API 5CT Specification, Basic Fire Fighting, Basic Measurement, CNC Lathe Level I, Confined Space (H2S), Grinding Safety, Manual Handling Safety, Safety Visit, HIRADC, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Training of P3 and Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO).

External Training:

Training of Program of Waste Treatment (PROPER), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Determine Control (HIRADC), First Aid training (P3K), MSDS, Training of Hazardous Waste Handling (B3), Occupational Health Safety Assessment System (OHSAS18001), ISO14001, Fire fighter class A,B,C and D, Forklift, ISO 19001, Basic Health and Safety Specialist, Lead Auditor, Manager of Water and Air Pollution Control, SMK3 Auditor, STOP, UPL/UKL Reporting and Gas Leakage.

Facilities and Safety in Work Place

To ensure that the working condition of the Company is good, implement the scheme of monitor, evaluation of performance (K3L) where the results of the monitoring and evaluation will be used as reference to make development plans and trainings on a regular basis in fulfillling the parameters related to K3L. The program to reduce the air pollution in a conventional way or from gas houses are looked into by the Company among others:

  • Improve the efficiency of the furnace with the replacement of refractory ceramic
  • Converted the source of energy from fuel oil to natural gas from 2005
  • Installed scrubber in the chimney of electroplating division.

The Company has strategic plans in reducing the air pollution by using natural gas as main source of energy for all production facilities and utilizing environment friendly refrigerant for AC. The Company is committed to provide healthy and safe working condition by identifying risks in all activities in the processes of the Company and later impose the control of the risks from all dangers according to the results of the evaluation from those respective risks. The hierarchy of risk control is in the steps as follows:

  • Elimination of process, tools equipment/ machinery, material and dangerous behaviour
  • Substitution of process, tools equipment/ machinery, material and dangerous behaviour
  • Artificial Engineering to the process and tool equipment/machinery which may cause dangers
  • Administrative action for controlling process, equipment/machinery, material and dangerous behaviour
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Rate of Accident in Work Place

The Rate of accident in the work place of the Company has decreased from year to year.

“Safety Day” is an annual event. Apart from the Safety and Environment done on a routine basis, the Company is dedicated a full day for this event. On Safety Day there is no production, and all concentrate and aim at Safety and Environment matters. This shows that the management and team are committed to put safety as first priority.

The programs are set to the all aspects of Health and Safety in the factory site and also on the road and residential areas. Safety is not only in the working place. The carried out activities among others are as follows:

Activity and Training which are related to safety and environment

  • Hose drill competition is one of the events of the speed and accuracy to extinguish fire and save the victims in the fire
  • Training of LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) given to the employees to enrich their knowledge and capability to identify and isolate the source of dangerous energy during the process of maintenance or repair of machineries
  • Smart and accurate HSE quiz is a competition of knowledge among departments where the objective is to measure the stage of understanding of employees towards HSE procedures and regulations
  • Incident of Injury Free Training is one of the training activities describing the procedures and regulation, safety man and APD are not only to avoid the happening of accident, but also depending on the mental condition of the employee such as frustration, in a hurry, tiredness and ignorant
  • Gas leakage and Fire evacuation Drill is a simulation training if fire broke out and evacuation acts when the fire is not able to extinguish. From this training, it is expected that the employees are ready to anticipate any unexpected happenings such as fire and other urgent situation
  • O&H Exhibition is an exhibition of Safety equipment in the work place and participated by a few K3 equipment suppliers
  • Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain (5S) competition is a competition among the departments. This competition the evaluation follows the standard of 5S, Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke
  • Making biopore absorbing hole to make catchment area in PT CT garden area in order to plants around company grow more fertile

Health related activities

  • Blood donation is one of the social activities to help PMI to supply blood in Batam
  • Glucose and Blood Pressure Examination is the activity to check sugar content in the blood and blood pressure to all employees to make sure the status of their health of early detection and easier to handle consequently
  • Hepatitis Seminar is to explain what is hepatitis, reason of why hepatitis, risks of hepatitis and steps to avoid of hepatitis
  • Drug hazard seminar and exhibition that explain what is drug hazards, risks of drugs and steps to avoid from using drugs

HSE Program in Subsidiary Companies

A Company’s subsidiary company whose business activities is in Logistic and Port services has also conducted training related to the environment and safety among others were :

  • Defensive Driving Training (DDT)
  • Techniques of maintaining motor vehicles SCANIA
  • Operator of Lift (Operator Pesawat Angkat-OPA) SIO Crane, Loader, Forklift and Reach Stacker
  • Training for heavy equipment
  • Rigging & Signalmen
  • Training for ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security)
  • Training in Fire Fighting & Drill
  • Training in First Aid
  • Training in Chemical Handling
  • Incident & Injury Free Training
  • Training for IMO (International Maritime Organization)
  • Training in K3
  • periodic employees medical check up and inspect moving equipment

Apart from the trainings stated above, the Company also do activities in 2014 to improve HSE programs such as follows:

  • Inspection of K3L and TPS of hazardous waste
  • Monitoring the environment and examination of Emission
  • Safety Talk
  • Safety visit to contractor
  • Print out and increase number of posters of HSE
  • Fogging
  • Emergency evacuation drill