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Social and Community Development

As stated in 2014 the strategy of social and community development was through Citramas Foundation targetted at people living in the same area where the Company is located, and has been formulated into three categories:


Focus on the Company’s activities in terms of providing contribution in developing economic welfare to build independence.

To continue assistance in economic development of the community in fishery and vegetable farming activities. It is expected that the successful candidate may become the example for others to follow as to improve their family economy status.


Focus on the Company’s activities in helping the community in social activities focused on improving the quality of education.


  • Focus on to the program to improve the quality of education of SMKN 6, a vocational school in the community by carrying out Project Valerie: Vocational Accelerated Learning and Recruiting towards Industrial Excellence:
    • Establishment of Kelas Citra for selected students in semester 5 (out of 6 semester schooling)
    • 6 months training program for students of Kelas Citra at the plant premises in skills of CNC machine operations, Quality inspection, Heat Treatment operations, Yard Operations, Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance, Quality Management System, Health Safety and Environment system, value management system
    • Teacher training for 2 on heavy vehicle maintenance
  • Carried out the “Terrie” or Tertiary Exposure and Recruitment towards Industrial Excellence program over a period of 4 months for university students entering their last semester of studies, having 10 participants with educational background in mechanical engineering, electronics, mechatronics, and business administration, achieving a total of 640 training hours per participant.

The Company also provided assistance for renovation and development of schools found near the Company’s premises, and also for English training to benefit underpriviledged children living in coastal areas.


  • Medical care assistance for employees and their family members not covered by the BPJS scheme
  • Supporting social activities in providing medical check-up for children in 2017
  • Finalizing the construction of hospital building

Social Community

  • Jong competition in honor of Traditional Sailing as a heritage of the Local Melayu community
  • Contributed animal offerings to the local communities in Nongsa for Idul Adha celebration
  • Supporting social activity of Quran Reading Competiton in the area of Nongsa
  • Supporting other social activities, including a seminar to commemorate Child Abuse Prevention Day


  • Assistance to support efforts in shaping potential star athletes through donations to the soccer school SSB Citramas
  • Donations to sailing competitions
  • Donations for swimming and diving classes


Focus on the Company’s activities in preserving and improving the quality of the environment.

  • The employees of the Company worked together with the community to plant 100 mangrove trees in the coastal area of Kampung Tereh
  • Planted trees in the neighboring areas of the Company premises
  • Drilled biopori holes to increase groundwater absorption and to enhance soil fertility
  • Growing seedlings to be distributed to communities in need to support greening efforts in their respective areas

Throughout 2017, the Company and Citramas Foundation supported these activities with total spending of Rp.2.432.382.413,- (two billion four hundred thirty two million three hundred eighty two thousand four hundred thirteen Rupiah) comprising the following programs:

  • Social Community in amount of Rp.45,874,000
  • Health in amount of Rp.957,872,614
  • General Education in amount of Rp.14,880,799
  • Improving Vocational Education in amount of Rp.1,300,000,000
  • Sports in amount of Rp.113,755,000