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Production Process

The process to convert green pipes into finished products is set out as follows:

  • Dimension and chemical alalysis to the finished unprocessed green pipes to ensure corresponds with the mill certificates. Thereafter it is stacked in the yard
  • Upsetting Process to smaller diameter tubing size which require forging of the pipe’s ends to increase wall thickness
  • De-rusting process to clean the rust at the furnace of box ends pipes
  • Heat treatmen process to change the steel’s crystal lattice structure into austenite, the hard and strong form of steel, through hardening furnace  austenizing. The grade could be adjustable as desired with heated the pipe by temperature between 500°C to 700°C through the tempering furnace to allow the required mechanical properties to be established
  • Quenching process thought rapid cooling by a high volume of water spray to transform the microstructure of the steel. The pipe is allowed to cool in a controlled pattern maintaining the straightness and other properties achieved in the proceeding processes
  • While of casing size of 5 inches and large,the outerdiamerer of the pipe could be adjusted in the processing of sizing mill by controlong the temperature of the pipe. Then the pipes both, tubing and casing, passes through a three roll hydraulic straightener while the temperature of the pipe is controlled
  • Laboratory process to alalyze the tensile strengh microstructure and hardness of the pipe, as specified by API and client’s required by
  • Pipe has passed mechanical test will go to “Non Destructive Test” (NDT ) with method:
    • Wet magnetic particle inspection method to inspect flaws in the areas at each end of the pipes
    • an electro-magnetic inspection,wich is optional
    • ultra sonic inspection by thrid party, Truescop company by using ultrasonic inspection machine unit which provides 100% detection of longitudinal and transversal defects as well as 100% wall thickness coverage. All the pipes being processed must pass this station and only those that are flawless are allowed to proceed for further processing
  • Pipe threading process for API and premium connection
  • Phospate process to coat at the pin ends pipe withphosphate after threading
  • Coupling are manufactured from heavier wall seamless pipes than the corresponding pipe bodies that it will be connected to. The coupling pipe is heat-treated to the same grade as the pipe bodies, cut into coupling lengths, threaded and phosphated or electroplated
  • Coupling are installed on each pipe in the prescribed manner depending on the thread type of either premium or API connection
  • Weight and length measurements are taken after the finished pipes ready for delivery, and the final marking stenciled on each pipe after the pipe tracking system records verification of the parameters. Each pipe receives a protective varnish coating
  • Internal and thrid party inspectors to carry out inspections toverfy that the order is corret and ready for delivery