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Whistleblowing System

The whistleblowing system is a mechanism applied to every body, may he/she be employee, ex-employee, member of any institution or organization or general public who would like to submit a report on the activity which violates regulation or ethic directly or indirectly related to the imprtance of the Company.

The whistle blower system covers matters are related to how to submit a report of violation, protection to the reporter, handling the complaints, manage and process offers and result of the complaints.

Methods of Submitting report of Violation

The system for submitting a deviated/violation report in the Company may convey it through various media, such are email, SMS, telephone, facsimile, website and letter box. In particular of addressing via email, report can be sent to pengaduan@citratubindo.co.id.

This email will be automatically transferred to Vallourec Integrity Line (https://www.bkms-system.com/Vallourec-integrityline)

Protection to the Reporter

The protection to the reporter are subject to the Work agreement for 2014-2016 in Clause 25 point 1.9 that is to say : every employee is free from any crime which may be created any party among others: revenge due to the deviated report or violation, sex abuse, insult, discrimination due to origin, religion and belief, race, skin color and age.

Handling the Complaints

Report/complaints received by the Company will be processed further by a team formed by the Company.

The Complaints Processing Party

Internal Auditor, Industrial Relation Officers (IRO) and General Manager of the Company are the complaints processing party.

Result from the Handling of Complaints

Internal Audit or IRO of the Company who received the complaints will carry out examination such as:

  • Investigation
  • Collection of the material considered¬† as evidence
  • Deciding on the case
  • Recommendation to the Management for further actions