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Connection Development & Evaluation Centre (CDEC)

The CDEC facility is located within the Citra Tubindo premises and is used to perform combined load gas testing for premium connections. The centre houses a 1000 ton horizontal load frame which has the ability to provide axial loading in tension and compression, internal and external pressure application with gas or water, bending loads and elevated temperature testing. The frame has been instrumented with state of the art equipment to provide connection testing which is in accordance to ISO 13679 as well as specialized client testing. Also located within the CDEC facility is the CNC threading equipment and torque/turn controlled make up equipment.

Design and testing is carried out by a dedicated team of engineers with expertise and hands-on experience in mechanical engineering and stress/strain testing. Whether you require a full ISO 13679 test program or a specially designed program to verify performance in your specific well conditions, our CDEC team is able to provide you with these results.