Business Etiquette

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social responsibility

The Company’s business ethic manages the professionalism of the employess including Managers, all Directors and Board of Commissioners in terms of:


  • Standard and professionalism

High standards and professionalism are the basis of the Company’s success in global market that demands better performance each day. These values are the basis of its ambition of sustainable growth.

  • Performance and Responsiveness

Satisfying internal and external customers is the key to the Company’s long term success. It is based on continuing innovation, and the quality and performance of the Company’s products and services. It requires responsiveness to address changes in the markets. The Company’s ability to adapt is one of its strengths, and the basis of its competitiveness and long standing relations with customers.



Integrity should be the foundation of all decisions and practices in the Company which puts its confidence in the professionalism and integrity of people working within. Company personnel’s confidence is founded on compliance with a number of rules. Without being a substitute for individual sense of responsibility, the following rules are a reference for all.

  • Conflict of Interested

Any situation should be avoided where the personal interests of personnel or of persons or entities to which they are linked may be in conflict with the Company’s interests.

To determine whether there is a conflict of interest, all personnel must ensure that they act in the best interests of the Company, excluding any other consideration, especially personal.

The following situations can be considered as likely to result in conflicts of interest:

Any direct or indirect interest taken in a competitor, supplier, service provider or customer (existing or potential), other than the purchase of quoted shares in accordance with the rules on inside information;

Any professional or personal commitment outside The Company that might affect commitment to the duty of The Company, unless previously authorized by management;

A potential conflict of interest situation must be brought to the attention of management and will be handled with the laws and regulations applicable.

  • Relations with Third Parties

Every individual at the Company exposes the Group’s reputation, image and notoriery in his or her relations with third parties. Consequently, he or she must maintain fair, honest relations with them.

Accordingly, The Company personnel are not allowed to:

Seek, accept or give gifts or invitations if it could influence a decision process or be perceived as doing so, and hence might constitute a corrupt act;

Give undertakings that are excessive in relation to the position they hold;

Behave in a denigrating, offhand or uncivil manner towards third parties with whom they are in contact. If there are doubts as regards relations with third party, The Company personnel immediately refer the matter to management

  • Insider Dealing

The Company personnel who have inside information that might influence the market price of The Company share must not take initiative that could result in insider dealing or trading.

  • Confidentiality

All the Company personnel must ensure that information of a confidential nature that they know of a result of their work is protected.

  • Conservation of Assets

All the Company personnel ensure that the Company’s assets are conserved, in accordance with the Company’s interests.

Any form of waste or misuse must be avoided.



It is based on transparency which requires a rapid flow of clear and objective information

  • Internal Relations

It is based on transparency which requires a rapid flow of clear and objective information

  • Basic Traits

All personnel in their contribution to the Organization’s development have to emphasize their approaches based on traits of unity, fairness, listening, a sense of responsibility and teamwork.


Respect for People

  • Respect for men women, their dignity, diversity and the variety of their cultures is at the heart of the commitment of the Company personnel. It enriches each and every one. It contributes to the performances of all personnel. Respect begins with security, which is one of the Company fundamental values
  • Respect for people working in the Company. The Company reaffirms its commitment to the following Principles of Social Responsibility, in particular:
    • Application of national laws and applicable international agreements
    • Respect for human rights and fundamental universal principles that protect employees dignity, respect and freedom
    • A secure, healthy working environment ensuring the physical and mental integrity, health and safety of employees, which remain an absolute priority
    • The right for employees to associate and take part in collective negotiations
    • The use of permanent staff in numbers appropriate to the ongoing level of business, vocational training, compliance with regulations on working hours, staff participations in a process of continuing improvement and progress


Company acts in accordance with its principles, which are founded on its values, reflecting the way in which Company means to conduct its relations with all partners and other parties.

Those principles form a benchmark for the Company, especially in implementing its sustainable, responsible development plans. Overall, Company undertakes to run its business in accordance with international, national and local laws and regulations.

  • Towards Shareholders

The Company strive to deserve the confidence of our shareholders by using the company’s resource effectively and responsibly. Shareholders receive accurate,transparent,verifiable financial information in die time. We strives to comply with the best recommendations on corporate governance and running the Company’s business.

  • Towards Customers

The Compant pays attention to meeting the needs of ots costumers by having time for them,listening to them and showing initiative. we are commited to suppliying quality products and services to its costumers and constantly improving its techcnologies and methods with a high standart of innovatuin and safety.

  • Towards Suppliers

The company strive to develop a relationship of confidence and partnership with a suppliers in order to best staisfy its costumers’ requiretmens. Taking the interests of all into consideration and complying with fair contractual terms are the bases of relation between the Compant and is suppliers.

The Company ask its suppliers to respect the fundamental rights of their employees, in line with its commitments to its own personnel. The Company takes this into account in its assements.

  • Towards the Environment

The company strives to respect the enviorenment and operates with sustainable development in mind, In particular, the Compant ensures that its growth is based on optimal use of natural resource, especially where nonrenewable resource are concered such as certain raw materials and fossil fuels.

  • Towards Countries and Communities

The company endeavours to respect local culture and practices in the countries and communities where it does bussines


Business etiquette is socialized through posters posted in various media and notice boards and in Employment Agreement including sanction on the violation.

The implementation of Business Ethic is follows:

  • The Company personnel are personally responsible for implementing its values and principles and complying with rules the Company publishes
  • Management makes the Business Ethic known to all personnel

Business etiquette is compiled in various documents and valid for all employees including managers, Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.

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