Corporate Social Responsibility

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social responsibility

The Company has established Societal Investment Committee and appointed Societal Investment Officer, with purpose to ensure collaboration with external stakeholders to develop positive impact societal program in accordance with Company’s strategic focus and local customs and needs.


The Company has defined strategic focus in performing social responsibilities and sustainable development programs as follows:


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->A.     <!--[endif]-->Education Aspect

The Company believes education is the backbone of society and consider important in developing future talents through advancing education at all levels, from children to young adults from an underprivileged background. The Company’s social responsibilities and sustainable development program in education aspect focus on 3 (three) theme:

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->I.         <!--[endif]-->Education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics;

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->II.       <!--[endif]-->Education in digital and information technology;

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->III.      <!--[endif]-->Basic education (which includes literacy, basic mathematics understanding, and general life skills).

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->B.     <!--[endif]-->Environment Aspect

The Company is committed to preserving the environment and has determined that sustainable development is a key principle of the Company’s strategy. Social responsibilities and sustainable development programs of the Company in environment aspect focus on locally relevant projects that has purpose to:

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->I.         <!--[endif]-->Preserve natural environment and resources;

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->II.       <!--[endif]-->Promote energy efficiency;


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->III.      <!--[endif]-->Economy expense and recycling;

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->IV.     <!--[endif]-->Reduce carbon emissions;

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->V.       <!--[endif]-->Achieve environmental and socio-economic sustainability;


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->VI.     <!--[endif]-->Protect biodiversity and marine life;

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->VII.   <!--[endif]-->Provide environmental and energy education.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->C.     <!--[endif]-->Volunteering Activities

The Company encourages employees to participate in volunteering activities. The Company believes such activities develop mutual benefit for the employees, business, and the communities.

Education and environment are the main areas of Company’s volunteering program. However, the Company can determine other volunteering activities outside this area, aligned with local characteristics and needs, and employees’ personal interests.

Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails.


When we inspire people by explaining why the destination is important, they develop the motivation to see the race through.